Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave MHA-2B

Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave MHA-2B is a 600 L capacited floor standing autoclave with dual door opening from both the sides. Fully automatic computer controlled system with a sterilizing temperature of 138 °C and heat resistant silicon rubber to prevent steam leakage makes this autoclave an ideal laboratory device.

Capacity600 L
Sterilization Temperature138 °C
Sterilization Pressure0.20 MPa
Timer Range0 - 99 minutes
Heat Average≤ ± 1 ℃
Product Dimension ( L × W × H )1450 × 1100 × 2000 mm
Overall Size ( L × W × H )650 × 780 × 1200 mm
Power Supply3.9 kW/ 3 × 380 V 50 Hz
Net Weight1050 kg
Gross Weight1150 kg

Digital LCD display to monitor working status and parameters

Working pressure : 0.22 MPa

Working temperature : 138 ?

Door lock feature : Door cannot be opened till the pressure inside the chamber doesn’t fall to 0.027 MPa

Self-inflating leak proof chamber

Safe door lock system ensuring safety / protection during sterilization

Automatic power cut off with alarm with low water levels indication

Suitable for medical, laboratory, microbiological, clinical use and to sterile the waste before discarding.

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