Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Unit MSKD-1A

Semi-automatic kjeldahl distillation unit MSKD-1A is a microprocessor controlled semi-automated distillation unit with precise measurement accuracy. Built in steam generator with automation for distillation control, water addition, water level control and water supply cutoff ensures user-friendly interface. ABS anticorrosive board prevents corrosion from chemical reagents and avoids mechanical damage of the unit.

Measuring range0.1 mgN ~ 200 mgN (nitrogen content 0.1% - 99%).
Distillation speed (according to sample amount)5 min/sample ~ 15 min/sample
Recovery rate (relative error, include digestion process)≥ 99 %
Repetition raterelative standard deviation < ± 1%
Sample capacitySolid: 0.2 g ~ 2 g
Semisolid: 2 g ~ 5 g
Liquid: 10 mL ~ 25 mL
Cooling water consumption3 L/min
Water in modeTap water and distilled water
Water supplywater pressure > 1.5 MPa
water temperature < 20 °C
Power1000 W
VoltageAC 220 V/50 Hz
Dimensions380 x 320 x 670 mm
Weight20 kg

Semi-automatic working mode (consistent results)

Manual addition of acid, alkali and distill

Alarm: steam generator water shortage, water level fault detection

Power off function (fault detection)

Material: plastic spray steel box

Less requirement of tap water source

Protective cover while distilling (operator safety)

Removable drip tray (easy cleaning)

Used in food and feed, environmental monitoring, quality control, research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries for protein estimation, analysis of soil, water, test of ammonium, fatty acids, volatile acids, phenols etc.

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