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Class B-Table Top Autoclave MBTTA-1D



Class B-Table Top Autoclave MBTTA-1D     |

Description :

Class B-table top autoclave MBTTA-1D is a microcomputer controlled unit. It comprises of a three times better pre-vacuum drying function than the standard units. The built-in steam generator provides rapid cycles of saturated steam. Characterized with an automatic cooling air and steam exhaustion function at the end of the sterilizing process for user ease.

Specifications :

Capacity18 L
Sterilization room sizeΦ 250 × 370 mm
External dimensions480 × 465 × 690 mm
Working temperature134 °C
Maximum pressure0.22 MPa
Power2200 W
Voltage110 V; 60 Hz
220 V; 50 Hz
Weight52 kg

Features :

Digital display with touch screen panel for ease of operation
Built-in malfunction detector (over temperature, over voltage and low water level)
Equipped with standard test interface
Characterized with BD test, HELIX test and vacuum test
Buzzing alarm indication and automated process end on completion of sterilization
High quality SS liner with sealed covers
Interlocking system for prevention of water spillage from tank


Used in sterilizing dental tools, veterinary medicines, biological products, utensils, medical appliances, culture media, etc. in the fields of dentistry, biology, biochemistry, forensic, pharmaceuticals, cytology, immunology, genetics, bioengineering, health and sanitary, etc.


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