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Decanting low speed centrifuge MDLC-1A



Decanting low speed centrifuge MDLC-1A     |

Description :

Decanting low speed centrifuge MDLC-1A is a microcomputer controlled unit with nine ascending and descending rate selection modes. It is available in chest and upright type. It consists of an LCD display and the safety and reliability of the unit increases due to its double lock rod design doors with magnetic locks. The parameters can be changed anytime during the operation without any downtime.

Specifications :

Max speed4000 rpm
Max RCF3184 x g
Rotor capacity124 x Vacuum blood tubes
Speed accuracy± 10 rpm
Noise≤ 55 dB
Time range (hh : mm :ss)1 ̴ 99 : 99 :59
PowerAC 220 V , 50 Hz
Dimensions580 x 740 x 520 mm
Weight90 kg

Features :

Microcomputer controlled system
AC frequency conversion motor drive
Offers nine ascending and descending rate selection mode
Offers ten different kinds of working mode selection
Speed/ centrifugal force can be set and double synchronous display screen
Door with double lock rod design, magnetic locks and electric door
Unique design of air exhaust temperature and low noise


Used in waste water treatment, oil industries, chemical industries and food processing industries.


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