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High Temperature Digital Viscometer MHTV-1B



High Temperature Digital Viscometer MHTV-1B     |

Description :

High temperature digital viscometer MHTV-1B is a bench-top unit designed to test the viscosity of substance which is liquid at high temperature .Integrated with stepper motor for accurate speed control and stable operation. Screen displays viscosity, speed, torque ( % ), rotor number and temperature values.

Specifications :

Measurement range50 mPa.s ~ 2×105 mPa.s
Speed range5 rpm, 10 rpm, 20 rpm, 50 rpm, 100 rpm
Sample capacity10 ml ⁓ 20 ml
Accuracy±1 % ( FS ) Newton liquid
Temperature Range ( Maximum )250 °C
Temperature accuracy± 0.1 °C
Relative error± 0.5 %
Power220 V; 50 Hz

Features :

Digital LCD screen displays measurement data
Manual measuring method
Four standard rotors
Embedded with high temperature furnace ( Even heating )
Data acquisition, analysis and mapping software ( optional )
Temperature controller displays actual and set temperature


Used to measure the viscosity of asphalt ( bitumen ), hot melt adhesive, polyethylene, wax and etc. which is solid at room temperature.


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