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Low speed centrifuge MLSC-2E



Low speed centrifuge MLSC-2E     |

Description :

Low speed centrifuge MLSC-2E is a microcomputer controlled unit driven by brushless DC stepless speed regulation motor. Features a special key for centrifugal force through which the centrifugal force can be set or observed anytime during the process.

Specifications :

Max speed6000 rpm
Max RCF5000 x g
Rotor capacity4 x 250 ml
Temperature raise≤ 10 °C
Speed accuracy± 20 rpm
Noise≤ 55 dB
Time range1 s ̴ 99 mins
Power supplyAC 220 V 50 Hz
Power400 VA
Dimensions473 x 620 x 420 mm
Weight65 kg

Features :

Microcomputer controlled system
Driven by brushless DC stepless speed regulating motor
Automatic stop on opening of the door to ensure operational safety
AC frequency conversion motor drive
Offers nine ascending and descending rate selection modes
Offers ten different kinds of custom work mode selection
Speed/ centrifugal force can be set and double synchronous display screen
Door with double lock rod design, magnetic locks and electric door
Up to 30 grams stress tolerance with no special load balancing


Used for a wide range of biomedical analysis, immunoenzyme analysis, microplate processing and cell culture applications.


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