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Rotating mixer MROM-2A



Rotating mixer MROM-2A     |

Description :

Rotating mixer MROM-2A is a programmable benchtop unit with vibration and 360 °C rotation. It efficiently mixes samples horizontally, vertically or at any angled rotation with a variety of sample tubes. Features 10 different programs for rotation and mixing

Specifications :

Rotation speed1 rpm ~ 99 rpm
Environmental temperature4 to 65 ℃
Relative air humidity (at 20℃)Up to 80 %
Timing15 secs to 99 mins
AdaptorDC 12 V, 1000 mA

Features :

LCD screen to visualize the preset parameters
2 additional customized programs (6 segments can be edited for every customized programs)
Adjustable speed and time for effective mixing
0.2 ml to 50 ml tubes available
Cold room and incubator compatible


Used to mix a variety of sample types, such as blood samples and homogenous dispersion, in all of the common laboratory tube sizes in fields such as life sciences, chemistry and clinical laboratories.


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